I am Akshay

The Foodie_Khiladi

Hello World,

I am Akshay, nice to meet you. I am a man with or without a plan it depends on my company and mood.

My love for food and writing has inspired me to start this website, where I plan to reach out to people and share my thoughts on food and heritage of food. The theme of this website is a food and all the things allied to food. I bring forth well researched, tried and tested recipes to your delight and if you believe this then I am kidding because till date I haven’t published any recipe here.

I do write about unique topics which has food as a central theme. Food brands, food history, food story, food heritage, food careers and food topics which are  uncategorized. That too in detail. So I hope you have a thing for reading.

I hope my blogs will help you to increase your knowledge about food and give you new insights. 

I am always open for new ideas and discussions. You can join me on my journey where I see a world without borders and united with yum food and awesome experiences.