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Akshay Kumar’s Diet Plan Decoded In A Casual Way…

Dear Foodie, this one is not a post of wisdom. This post is not about secrets. This post is neither about a story and definitely nor about any experience. Yet this post is very dear to me personally. Guess whose diet plan is under the scanner? No brownie points for the correct answers. If you guessed it, then yes I confirm it. This is about Akshay Kumar’s Diet Plan which I will try to decode along with you. It is not a surprise that I am posting it on his birthday. This was purposely planned by me. I am writing this late at night on 7th September as a gift to Akshay Kumar on his birthday,

The sole reason being, I am a big Akshay Kumar fan as you must have already inferred from my official twitter and zomato handle which is ‘foodie_khiladi’. This one-sided love affair is older than that, and it is a story to be told someday later. Today, let us talk about diet of one of the fittest actors from Indian cinema. Caution is we are in a casual conversation, so do not dig deep for too much of science and logic. Let it be a heart to heart dialogue.

Conferred with titles like ‘Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood’, due to his huge risk appetite for performing his own stunts. To recently credited tag like ‘Bharat Kumar’ for his choices of patriotic films off late. Akshay Kumar surely is ageing like a fine wine. Turning 53 today but still having the vigour of a 35 years young. Truly proves this old quote literally “Age is just a number.” Doing 3-4 films per year is a praise worthy thing which he does, due to his prime fitness levels and diet. So are you willing to be fit like him? Then read on.

Not so secret ‘Akshay Kumar’s Diet Plan

You can simply google this and you will come across 84,300 results in 0.55 seconds, and believe me almost all of them are true. But that is not how I am planning to tell you the facts. I am trying to bring out what his each meal signifies. How you can follow it or share it with someone who can follow it for health benefits. Of course, this is not a shortcut diet. Akshay Kumar’s Diet Plan is a sustainable one, which you can follow for long term benefits.

Akshay Kumar believes ‘There is no Shortcut for Success.’ Similarly his diet plan reflects his belief. It is not glamorous, it is not quick in results, but it is in a way more traditional. More holistic in nature, to give you better results over prolonged duration. So let us begin.

Morning Breakfast

His first meal of the day is pretty heavy. He eats 2 whole wheat parathas with a glass full of milk. This is enough to provide you with dose of carbohydrates, some fats and some proteins. Milk gives the regular dose of calcium which an active person like him requires. The simple breakfast is consumed around 6 a.m. which is within 1-2 hours of him waking up. This too because he exercises and meditates with every sunrise.

Do you know why it is important to have your first meal of the day within 2 hours? It ensures that your metabolism kick starts early. So that your gut starts to function. Later the first meal, more are the chances that your metabolism will slow down over the years. If you want to stay fit like Akshay Kumar, then the first thing to start is eating your breakfast within 1-2 hours after you wake up in the morning.

Mid-Day Snacks

When you are hungry after breakfast and there is a lot of time for lunch to be served, you munch on some packed food or fried snacks. No don’t you worry, I am sailing on the same boat as you are. Let us just admit that this is really bad. Let me tell you what Akshay Kumar prefers to eat as his Mid-Day snacks.

He eats some fresh fruits or some nuts or a mix of both as per the season. He encourages people like you and me to follow this habit. No, please don’t tell me it is costly. You can include any fruit and any nut. A banana and peanuts will do just fine. You do not always have to include Kiwis and Apple along with almond and cashews. The whole point of this snack is to ensure that you get your daily dose of antioxidants and other nutrients like Vitamins, Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium, Fibers, etc. Plus it also lowers the bad cholesterol and maintains good cholesterol levels in the body.

When we consume packed and processed food, we eat a lot of salt and other things which unknowingly causes damage to our body.


Akshay Kumar prefers eating lunch at around 12 noon, which is wholesome yet simple meal. This includes lentils, brown rice and some veggies or lean meat like chicken or fish. I am not sure if he still includes fish and meat, as off late he is trying a vegan diet. But for you, this sounds close enough to what you eat daily. Am I right? Normally I also eat the same things and most of the Indians come fairly close to Akshay Kumar’s lunch.

What his diet underlines is the lunch is supposed to provide daily dose of carbohydrates, proteins and a varied range of Vitamin-B complex. This is very useful in many body functions like cell health, good digestion, healthy appetite, brain and heart function, RBC generation, growth of hair and nails and DNA replication.

He avoids fried and oily food which can increase bad cholesterol levels and make you sluggish. He still has work to finish. So he sticks to his nutritious lunch. I am sure, you must be thinking that how he doesn’t gets bored? I never said that, he follows this every single day. He tries to follow this diet on most of the days. So dear foodie, you can have your cheat days. Happy now???

Evening Snacks

This might be a concept which doesn’t exist in his dictionary. Have you ever craved for a cup of chai after lunch? Or maybe 2-3 hours after the lunch? This is because you formed that habit over a long period of time. This is not at all required by the body. We consume this just for sake of our cravings. Akshay Kumar purposely skips this and prefers a glass of lime juice or lemon juice.

This is a way to stay away from caffeine, which he does because he is a fitness freak. You and I can be lenient over ourselves and keep doing what we were doing till date. But hey, if you really want to be fit like him, you will have to follow his footsteps. Skipping this meal will cut down many unwanted calories that you put in your body.


Akshay Kumar eats his dinner when most of us drink our chai or coffee. Yes, he eats his dinner before sunset. Which usually is between 6 to 7 pm. I know it sounds insane. His dinner is very light, that is some sautéed vegetables with a bowl of soup. If at all he feels hungry before he goes to bed, he used to eat an omelet made up of white eggs or again some soup. He believes that the last meal of the day should be very easily digestible.

Even Ayurveda says that the last meal of the day should be consumed before sunset. This is because after sunset the ‘kapha’ dominates the body which can lead to many ill-effects in long run. Plus what Akshay Kumar believes is you should allow some time for the food to digest, before you go to bed. As he usually sleeps at 8 or 8:30 pm.

What Akshay Kumar’s Diet Plan doesn’t include?

He avoids smoking or drinking. In fact he stays away from caffeine as well. He treats his body as a temple and considers all the substances mentioned here as toxic. Which can cause problems in a healthy lifestyle. He is pretty old school when it comes to health.

His beliefs of healthy eating does come from his mother, who always used to emphasize the advantages of healthy eating. He till date encourages everyone to eat home cooked food. His lunch still comes from his home or from Pod Supply, a Mumbai-based food service which serves home cooked food. Akshay Kumar very rarely eats on his film sets or outside.

Is Akshay Kumar’s Diet Plan sufficient to be fit?

I am afraid the answer is no. You really want to be fit like him? Then you need to put some extra efforts. He exercises 1 hour daily. Not a believer of weights training, he works out with his own body weight. From swimming with dumbbells to climbing 9 floors in 10 repetitions. His workout is quite unique. He advocates to get your body moving, in a way that you should enjoy. He performs parkour in his gym which is of 2 floor but doesn’t has a staircase. So you need to climb up with extra efforts.

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Apart from this he ensures that he gets enough sleep. As your body heals from daily wear and tear during sleeping hours. Akki sleeps at 8 or 8:30 pm daily and wakes up at 4 or 4:30 am, thus completing 8 long hours of deep sleep. Sleeping well is really important.

Now if you are still with me, here is an inside news for you. He is trying to be vegan and off late he has turned vegetarian. His recent post gives us a sneak peek into his vegan habits. Check this post for recipes of his vegan foods.


I completely understand that it is a bit tough to follow his diet schedule completely. You have a completely demanding schedule which cannot be changed. Right??? So here is what I have done. I will point out what is easily achievable that you and I can do to become fit.

A thumb rule is to not eat after sunset. Even if you are hungry, try to eat very light. I will tell you why? Living in an urban set up we do not perform much of a physical activity. Our ancestors used to work in farms and eat dinner early just after the sunset, that too because they used to burn a lot of calories in the farm. In our case we really do not burn enough and that is why consuming lesser calories at night is highly advisable.

Next is called, intermittent fasting which Akki is already following as he eats his dinner at 6 pm and eats his next meal in the morning 6 am. I hope you know how beneficial intermittent fasting is, you can read more about it here. Plus this allows proper digestion and your stomach doesn’t have to work extra after all the organs are in a resting phase when you go to sleep. This keeps your gut happy and a healthier gut keeps diseases at bay.

Do not fall prey to shortcut plans for a better health. It causes more harm than you can imagine. Eat everything as Akshay Kumar also eats everything. Make sure that you eat in moderation and on time. Do not keep changing your meal timings. This will reduce your chances of developing Type 2 diabetes. Last but not the least, please be involved in some sort of physical activity daily. Not necessarily gyming or swimming, but a brisk walk or a slow walk will be good enough.

The most important thing is to take that first step. Do it for 7 days straight and from the 8th day you will start liking all of it. Keep doing it for 21 days and chances are very high that you will develop these good habits.

Enough of this boring lecture from me, I hope I conveyed the right message across this post. I am trying to achieve fitness levels like Akshay Kumar since 6 years now. I try and I fail, I try hard and fail harder. But what I never did is, to give up. Giving up is easy but giving it a one more shot is what really matters. I hope I motivated you. Thank you if you are still reading. This is your foodie_khiladi signing off in a hope that you achieve your fitness goals soon.

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