You are currently viewing “About me” my 1st Blog post as the creator of “”

“About me” my 1st Blog post as the creator of “”

Who am I?

Good way to break the ice buddy. I was expecting a hello, but you surprised me by asking this question and coming directly to the point. Let me tell you about me, I am someone who believes in you, who believes in the people and who believes in magic. Magic of words which can be used correctly to make this world a better place.

If you are coming here from my About Me page, then I am fairly assuming that you already have an idea about me. If you are here by chance or suggestion, then seven greetings to you!!! I am ‘Akshay’ the “foodie_khiladi(my twitter and zomato handle)”. My love for cooking and food inspired me to start this website. Yes you read that right, it is a website for blogging.

I am a Biotechnologist by qualifications, and food lover by choice. My friends do know that I am good with words and good in kitchen. This notion helped me to combine these two things that I am good at and get started with this blog site called In near future I hope that you too will be fond of my writing style, which is pretty simple but ensures to keep you glued. Check out how I looked 8 years ago.

about me
This is me during my graduation…

Why Blogging?

Ohh!!! I guess, you are here to stay. Good for me. Now answering your question, I would not boast of big things or backstories which led me to take this decision. This is something which was bothering me since past 12 months. So to be at peace, I started finally.

Yes of course, there is something in it for everyone. My blogs are going to be about different foods, various recipes, exotic culinary secrets, exciting cuisines, simple tips, and interesting history and yet the list goes on. Love for food is the actual theme and as we know Love knows no boundaries especially the love for food.

I count on you, to visit my website again and again and help me spread the love for food into this world. Being pretty old school, I prefer writing over making videos. But you never know when I might give it a go for that platform as well. This is me 6 years ago.

Yum & Awesome
My picture in my final year of Masters.

Is it only about food?

Seriously!!! Is this what concerns you? I thought you would have subscribed me by now(the option is right at the bottom of this page). Alright, let this investigation go on, I will answer all your queries.

Yes, this is all about food and gastronomy, food and history, food and brands, food and culture, food and nations, food and people, food and stories. Simply because food is central to our existence and discussing something so essential will surely make me an intellectual who will enlighten the world.

This was not as sarcastic as it sounded in my head. But I guess you got my point. So, have you subscribed now? or followed me on Instagram or twitter? or at least zomato!!!!!
This is my candid moment from 2015

Who will read these blogs?

I get it, your skepticism is understandable. And this was little harsh, but you are forgiven my friend. Life is all about uncertainty. Still we live in a hope that someday something will work out and life goes on. This was a way of saying I do not know yet. I thought let me step out and try, I might make it work, I might not make it work but if I don’t try then I won’t definitely make it work. I hope you got it buddy.

Yet, what I believe is that out of 7.8 billion people out there, I will get my fair share. Because food and cooking is no longer a gender specific task. Come on!!! My sweet summer child, we are in 21st century. Everyone enjoys food, not necessarily cooking but a good post on some delicious stuff will surely get you hooked.

So I welcome everyone to my website with open arms and wide smile which is infectious I tell you. As quoted earlier, there is something for everyone on this site.

Yum & Awesome
Me with additional 10 kg in 2017

Won’t it be boring?

Oh my God!!! Why are you drilling me like this? I understand your emotions, because when we discover something new we generally do not accept it directly. So I repeat an old tagline from one of the ads of famous brand, ‘Pehle istemaal kare fir vishawaas kare’. I know you read that in the exact tone. If you do not know Hindi, the above quotes states “Try it before you trust it”.

Listen mate, I am not here to impose my views on the world. I encourage my readers to comment on my posts. This would help me understand if I am doing it right or not. It will also allow me to know what topics they want me to cover.

For any queries and concern you can always reach out to me at ‘[email protected]‘. I promise this will be a democratic website. Where each feedback will be taken seriously. I guess this answers everything now.

Latest look 2019

Any Hidden intentions?

Oh my dear curious, enthusiastic, energetic friend. Thank you for bringing this up. I absolutely do not intend to share your email address to the marketing agencies. It is not what this site is all about.

I am here to live through the joy of writing about the things I love. In return google might honor me by displaying few ads on this site and if anyone clicks on the ad I might get a very very very small commission, which might help me buy myself a cup of tea at times. That too only if my posts rank on first google search pages. For more details you can read the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

It is a long distance to cover, but with you around me I am sure I will scale this. This is honestly my answer. If you still want to ask more questions, feel free to connect with me on my mail address ‘[email protected]‘ or DM me on Instagram ‘foodie_khiladi007‘.


Hello... My name is Akshay, I love to cook and love to eat equally. Founder of a newcomer in blogging world. I write by nickname of foodie_khiladi

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  1. Dipika

    Oh my my! Even though it was such a long post, it was not at all boring till the end!! It was so interactive! Well abhi to bas shuruvat hai.. Waiting for ur upcoming posts! Lonnngggg way to go my frnd 🥳 Keep going ↗️

  2. Maanasa

    Really super content.. Impressive too😊

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    All the best!!

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    Superb akki baby.
    Simply amazing, all the very best for your new web journey❤

    1. Kunal Vinayak Khawnekar

      Ek No.☝️ Bhava,
      Congratulations & Follow your Dreams.
      We are with you along the Way.

      1. foodie_khiladi

        Dhanyawaad bhaai… tumhi aahe he tr mi pakdunach chalto… 😉

  5. Melwyn

    You never forget to impress everyone with your charm..! Even through your blog bro..! Very well written !

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    Congrats buddy…intresting thought n gr8 content…All the vry best bhai…go ahead👍🏼🤟🏼

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    Simple yet captivating ..🙂wish u luck Akki 🤩🤩

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    Nice start..all the best bud!!

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      Amazing ….
      Everything is very noice.
      Aur khane ke baare me baat karna kise nahi pasand😂😂😂

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    Whohoooo.. All the best for your new venture! ❤️

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